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Tuesday, 16 Jan 2018

Management Skills: Writing for Business

"Surely a few speling mistakes in my business report won't matter too much?"

Well, actually, that depends who's reading it. In the mind of the reader, your writing is a reflection of you. If the reader is a stickler for correct spelling and grammar, those few spelling mistakes might make a big difference.

So, write [right] for your reader.

This module is not an English lesson but it does test peoples perception of what is right and what is not. For example, should I have put an apostrophe in "peoples" in the last sentence? And what would spell-checker think of paragraph three?

This key component in your management skills set is a common-sense look at the world of business writing from a "stickler's" point of view.

Note: There is a close relationship between Writing for Business and
Microsoft Word.

Duration - 1 Day

The idea Delegate is - Someone who wishes to brush up on their business-related writing (e.g. memos, appraisals, reports, proposals etc). Please note that this is not a course in technical report writing.

Outline Content
Making your writing: concise - clear - correct - consistent and complete; email etiquette; how to prepare; design and style; using the PC to help; project managing a team report; taking minutes.

Cool Activities include - The mysterious world of mind-mapping, and some cool Microsoft Word shortcuts.


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