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Tuesday, 16 Jan 2018

Management Skills: Team Development

One definition of "team" is:- "A group of people working together to achieve a common goal".

Of course, instead of people it might be a team of ants, or wolves, or killer whales. The principle is the same.

However, I don't imagine that ants, wolves or killer whales will be reading this web-site so let's get back to people. If everyone in the team is pulling in the same direction, and that direction is the right one, the team stands a good chance of achieving its goal.

So, as the leader, what can you do if your team members are all pulling in different directions, perhaps because they don't know which way is the right way?

Well, one thing you could do is attend this Team Development training module.

(Note: not suitable for ants, wolves or killer whales).

Note: There is a close relationship between Team Development and these management skills modules:
Interpersonal Skills
Leading and Inspiring
Managing People

Duration - Flexible - 1 or 2 Days

The idea Delegate is - Someone who is responsible for a team's development, or who is about to be, and who would like to explore ways of enhancing their team's performance, motivation and morale.

Outline Content
What is a team?
Consensus Reaching: The Wilderness exercise
Belbin team roles
The stages of team development
Leadership styles
Creating a motivated environment
Understanding and managing conflict
Six Thinking Hats (Edward De Bono).

Cool Activities include - A box of Cadbury's Creme Eggs.

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