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Tuesday, 16 Jan 2018

Management Skills: Leading and Inspiring

"Leadership is the art of getting from people, more than they think they are capable of giving."

So said Admiral Sir Raymond Lygo KCB, and who are we to argue with a big chief like him?

The truth is, we agree wholeheartedly. Your people will give you a lot voluntarily. The vast majority come to their work every day intent on doing a damn good job. But sometimes, when the chips are down, we have to squeeze out just a little bit more.

This module shows you how.


Note: There is a close relationship between Leading and Inspiring and these management skills modules:
Managing People
Presenting with Style
Team Development

Duration - Flexible - 1 or 2 Days

The idea Delegate is- Someone who is already in a leadership role or who is about to be, and who would like to review (and possibly revitalise) their leadership style.

Outline Content
The difference between leadership and management
The world's worst leader
Leadership styles
Three different approaches to leadership
Model: the lifecycle of a team or organisation
Clarifying your principles and personal beliefs
Creating a motivated environment
Defing your own leadership strategy
Generational Leadership
Inspirational leadership case study: Sir Ernest Shackleton.

Cool Activities include - A game of "virtual tennis".


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