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Tuesday, 16 Jan 2018

Management Skills: Interpersonal Skills

"I just don't get her, and I don't know why!"

Every aspect of our lives involves interacting with others. Family, friends, business and leisure - they all provide opportunities for us to irritate the life out of people; and they can do the same in return.


Because we're all different. And it's understanding those differences, and knowing how to deal with them that helps reduce the potential for friction.


Note: There is a close relationship between Interpersonal Skills and these management skills modules:
Absence Management
Appraising Effectively and Fairly
Discipline Handling
Interviewing Techniques
Managing People
Presenting with Style

Project Management
Team Development
Train the Trainer
Train the IT Trainer


Duration - 1 Day

The idea Delegate is - This module would be suitable for someone who finds it difficult to relate with people in a business environment, and wants to understand why. Or, if they are responsible for ensuring that other people relate well with each other - like your team, for example.

Outline Content
Understanding yourself - Johari Window
Belbin Team Roles
Communication overview
Understanding Assertiveness
Handling difficult conversations
Interpersonal Skills: Questioning and Listening
Non-verbal communication (Body Language).

Cool Activities include - How many camels can you see?




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