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Tuesday, 16 Jan 2018

Management Skills: Appraisal Skills

"I only appraise once a year".

"So do I. All year!"

Two different approaches to appraisal. Which one is correct?

Well, appraisal is not just a paper exercise, neither is it just an interview. And it's definitely not just a "tick in the box". So, what is it then?

This module starts off by making it crystal clear exactly what appraisal is. And most definitely, what it is not.


Note: There is a close relationship between Appraising Effectively and Fairly and these management skills modules:
Discipline Handling
Interpersonal Skills
Interview Techniques
Managing People
Meetings Management

Duration - Flexible - 1 or 2 Days (the second day is devoted exclusively to practice and feedback)

The idea delegate is - Someone who is about to appraise, who has never appraised, or who needs to design or review an appraisal process for their organisation.

Outline Content
The benefits of a fair and effective appraisal process
What it is; and what it is not
Video: "The Dreaded Appraisal"
Preparing to appraise
Conducting an appraisal
Interpersonal Skills: Questioning, listening and feedback
Personal development planning
Setting objectives and monitoring progress.

Cool Activities include - Drawing little houses.


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