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Tuesday, 16 Jan 2018

Management Skills: Time Management

"Why is there so much month left at the end of the money?"

Managing time is a bit like managing money. One key difference is that time is an inelastic resource. There are 60 seconds in every minute, 60 minutes in every hour, and so on.

So, unlike money, we can't borrow time. Neither can we steal it. We have to make do with the time we have.

This module shows you how to do what needs to be done, in the time available. 


Note: There is a close relationship between Time Management and these management skills modules:
Meetings Management
Microsoft Outlook
Project Management

Duration - 0.5 Day (any more is a waste)

The idea Delegate is
- Someone who finds that there are more tasks to do than there is time to do them, who is continually chasing deadlines, or who finds that their work / life balance is out of kilter.

Outline Content

The consequences of poor time management
Creating a balance
Putting yourself in control
Planning and prioritising
The six D's
Activities and events that steal your time.

Cool Activities include
- Finding the missing piece in a 500 piece jigsaw.


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