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Tuesday, 16 Jan 2018

Management Skills: Absence Management

"That's Deirdre off sick again! What do I do this time?"

Well, you could come to one of our practical Absence Management courses.

Joking aside, this is a serious subject, which deserves to be discussed in sensitive and practical tones.

We look at the reasons why people are off sick, and what our responsibilities are when this happens. In particular, we discuss what's required when that person returns to work, and we also consider the legal requirements outlined in the Disability Discrimination Act.

Plus, we explain some interpersonal skills that will help you conduct the interviews that will need to take place, hopefully as part of your organisation's policies and procedures.

Note: There is a close relationship between Absence Management and these management skills modules:
Discipline Handling
Interpersonal Skills
Interviewing Techniques
Meetings Management
Managing People

Duration - 1 Day

The idea Delegate - Managers or supervisors who have absence management issues on the rise, or who are joining a team that already has an issue.

Outline Content
Understanding why this is an issue, and the possible causes
Being aware of your organisation's policies and procedures
The supervisor's or manager's role and responsibilities
Dealing with recurring short-term absences
Employee rehabilitation after longer absences
Understanding the implications of the Disability Discrimination Act
Absence Management interviews
Interpersonal Skills: Questioning, listening and feedback.

Cool Activities include - Lunch: this is a serious subject.





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