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Tuesday, 16 Jan 2018

Management Skills: Meetings Management

"And it dragged on, and on, and on ...."

Heard this before? Meetings: they can be the bane of your working life.

Studies have shown that managers can spend as much as 40% of their time in meetings. This cannot be good use of a person's time.

But sometimes, meetings are necessary.

What this module does is help you to make those necessary meetings much more effective, whether you're in the chair, or dying to get out of it.

We also introduce Edward De Bono's "Six Thinking Hats"; a technique to enhance the decision-making process, and to reduce the amount of time it takes you to get there.

This is a two-week course.

Only kidding, naturally.

Note: There is a close relationship between Meetings Management and these management skills modules:
Absence Management
Appraising Effectively and Fairly
Discipline Handling
Interpersonal Skills
Interviewing Techniques
Presenting with Style
Project Management
Time Management

Duration - 0.5 Day (any more is a waste)

The idea Delegate is - Someone who frequently attends meetings, either in the chair or as an attendee.

Outline Content
The role of the meeting leader
Exploring the functions of agendas, minutes and ground rules
How to make meetings more efficient and effective
Objective setting
Tools and techniques for facilitating meetings
Dealing with conflict and difficult behaviours.

Cool Activities include - Six Thinking Hats.



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