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Tuesday, 16 Jan 2018

Management Skills: Discipline Handling

When handling discipline issues, what's more effective, the carrot or the stick?

If we have to discipline a child, who has failed?

When considering discipline, prevention must be better than cure. For one thing, prevention is cheaper, and less work.

So, this module starts with prevention, and, by necessity, moves on to cure. And if we apply the cure properly, hopefully it won't turn out to be fatal.


Note: There is a close relationship between Discipline Handling and these management skills modules:
Absence Management
Appraising Effectively and Fairly
Interpersonal Skills
Interviewing Techniques
Meetings Management
Managing People

Duration - 1 Day

The idea Delegate is - Someone who is responsible for implementing or utilising discipline procedures.

Outline Content
Legislation: why organisations must have discipline procedures
Communicating their existence
Recognising when they are required
Interview preparation and planning
Conducting discipline interviews
Interpersonal Skills:  Questioning and listening skills
Dealing with the outcome
Effective record-keeping.

Cool Activities include - Reversing the effects of gravity.


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