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Tuesday, 16 Jan 2018

IT Skills: Microsoft Windows (all versions)

Our IT skills training courses can take several forms including 1:1, small groups and classroom sessions. We can also custom-design comprehensive computer training programmes to your specific requirements.

We highly recommend one-to-one IT skills training at your place of work, which brings several key benefits. You can ask any questions you want, you can work at your level of expertise and your speed, and any improvements we generate are still on the PC when the trainer leaves.

Wherever possible we'll base your PC training around your own work files. For example, if you would like to customise the way your Windows is set up we'll work together to try to achieve that.

What is Microsoft Windows?  MS Windows is the PC's operating system, which allows applications like MS Excel to work. It's a bit like a car's battery: if there was no battery the lights, radio and windscreen wipers wouldn't work. There are three versions currently in use: Windows XP, Windows Vista and the most recent: Windows 7.


Note: There is a close relationship between Microsoft Windows and these IT Training modules:

Microsoft Excel
Excel Spreadsheet Design
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft P
PowerPoint - Slide Design Service
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Word
An Introduction to 

The idea delegate is:  Someone with little or no experience of how their PC is set up, and would like to make some changes to how the PC screens look and operate. This includes file management - where files go when you save them - and how to find them again.

This computer skills training module will also suit delegates with a working knowledge of Windows, and would like to become more self-sufficient. Typically, delegates might work in an environment where IT support isn't readily accessible.

Our computer training can cover a wide range of Microsoft Windows topics including:
Navigating and working with the "Desktop" screen
Closing, minimising and maximising windows
Resizing, and working with multiple windows
File management using Windows Explorer
Shortcut menus (using right-click)
Ctrl and Shift key functions
Undo and Redo buttons
Using the keyboard to maximum effect; Keyboard shortcuts
Selecting and manipulating text
The Recently Used file list
Customising via the Tools menu.

Please note: this list of IT training topics isn't exhaustive. If there's something not shown that you're interested in please get in touch and we'll do our very best to help.

Cool activities include:  Loads of hints, tips and tricks that will make your PC more user-friendly.




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