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Tuesday, 16 Jan 2018

IT Skills: Microsoft Excel (all versions)

Our IT skills training courses can take several forms including 1:1, small groups and classroom sessions. We can also custom-design comprehensive computer training programmes to your specific requirements.

We highly recommend one-to-one IT Skills training at your place of work, which brings several key benefits. You can ask any questions you want, you can work at your level of expertise and your speed, and any improvements we generate are still on the PC when the trainer leaves.

Wherever possible we'll base your PC training around your own work files. For example, if you have a Microsoft Excel worksheet that isn't operating effectively we'll work together to improve it.

What's Microsoft Excel used for?  Excel is part of the MS Office suite of programs. This PC training module will teach you how to input, calculate and display data, for example to monitor and control a company's financial or operational performance.

Note: There is a close relationship between Microsoft Excel and these IT Training modules:
An Introduction to IT
Excel Spreadsheet Design
Microsoft Windows

The ideal delegate is:  Someone with little or no experience of using Excel. Alternatively, they've been using Excel for a while but feel they have started off on the wrong tack, and would like to go back to basics.

This computer skills training module will also suit delegates with a working knowledge of Excel, but who have the need to design more complex workbooks. Typically, delegates might need to design Excel workbooks for others to use, or be in the position where financial monitoring and control is paramount.


Our computer training can covers a wide range of Microsoft Excel topics including:
Entering and editing data and formulae
Understanding and working with cell references
Formatting and customising the worksheet
Using Functions to calculate and analyse data
Sorting and Filtering data
IF statements and Lookup tables
Conditional formatting to display trends
Linking data, worksheets and workbooks to increase efficiency
Exporting to Microsoft Word
Customising the user interface i.e. toolbars, buttons and the ribbon
Designing Charts (graphs) to display and analyse data.


Please note: this list of IT training topics isn't exhaustive. If there's something not shown that you're interested in please get in touch and we'll do our very best to help.

Cool activities include:  Loads of hints, tips and tricks that will save you heaps of time (and therefore money) while you're working with Microsoft Excel 2003, 2007 or 2010.


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