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Tuesday, 16 Jan 2018

IT Skills: Introduction to IT

Our IT skills training courses can take several forms including 1:1, small groups and classroom sessions. We can also custom-design comprehensive computer training programmes to your specific requirements.

We highly recommend one-to-one IT skills coaching at your place of work, which brings several key benefits. You can ask any questions you want, you can work at your level of expertise and your speed, and any improvements we generate are still on the PC when the trainer leaves.

Wherever possible we'll base your PC training around your own work files. For example, if you have a Microsoft Excel worksheet that isn't operating effectively we'll work together to improve it.

What this module's about:  People who are new (or returning) to computing can find the whole thing very daunting, not to mention confusing. So, we explain (in simple terms) how a computer works, what's inside them, and what all those programs are for.

The duration is completely flexible, and entirely depends on just how much the delegate wants to learn.

Note: There is a close relationship between An Introduction to IT and these IT Training modules:

Microsoft Excel
Excel Spreadsheet Design
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft P
PowerPoint - Slide Design Service
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Word
Train the IT Trainer


The idea Delegate is - Someone with little or no experience of using computers, but has the need to use one as an integral part of their job.

Our computer training can cover a wide range of IT topics including:

What is Information Technology (IT)
The history of computing
The components of a computer work-station
What goes on inside a PC
Windows - what is it?
File management
The internet and email
An introduction to Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

Please note: this list of IT Training topics isn't exhaustive. If there's something not shown that you're interested in please get in touch and we'll do our very best to help.

Cool Activities include - Taming the Machine


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