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Tuesday, 16 Jan 2018

About reallycooltraining: IT Skills and Management Skills Training

Alan FisherAlan Fisher is the director and owner of reallycooltraining, and has been a training consultant since October 2000.

In a past life, Alan held a variety of management positions with a national service company. In his time, he's worked in computing, training, and operational posts. This solid base of experience provides most of the material for reallycooltraining modules. So what you learn is real stuff - it hasn't come from a book.

reallycooltraining was formally launched on New Year's Day 2005, following four successful years as an independent training consultant. Based in Aberdeen, Scotland, reallycooltraining is ideally positioned to provide training consultancy services to all industry sectors, including (naturally) the Oil and Gas sector.


Although locally based, contracts that offer exciting travel opportunities would be most welcome.

But what about the training itself? Well, rather than quote you paragraphs of "blurb", here are some words that reflect the reallycooltraining philosophy: relaxed, informal, instructive, informative, rewarding, enjoyable, practical, interactive, experimental, entertaining.

You'll have questions, so you'll get answers. You are not there to listen to a lecture: that would not be cool. We'll enhance your skills, develop your potential, increase your efficiency and productivity, and make your job easier.

For IT tuition, we highly recommend one-to-one coaching at your place of work. Why? You can ask any questions you want, we'll work at your level, at your speed, and any improvements we generate are still on the PC when the trainer leaves. It's all about shortcuts, tricks of the trade, and reallycool hints and tips.

Now, if you've looked at our web-site, you've probably noticed some reallycoolpictures scattered around. You might be asking yourself, "What are they all about?". Well, the truth is they're nothing to do with training, and they don't convey any subliminal messages. Some of them are cool in a cool way: others are cool in a frosty way. They're there because we like them. We hope you do too.

Have a look round the site. If you like what you see, or if you need more information, please get in touch.

Or, if you have any suggestions for improvement, please tell us. Your feedback will be gratefully received.


© reallycooltraining: Management Skills training and IT Skills training for the business community. Based in Aberdeen (Scotland) but delighted to travel to the client’s home location.

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